Veet J.Ohnemus is playing an eminent role the world of the classical guitar.


Critics, concert visitors and colleagues alike are fascinated by his virtuosic approach to the guitar. His colorful and dynamic interpretations and his sense for phrasing in music are applied to a multitude of styles and epochs.


Just two years after starting on his journey with the guitar, he was already invited to take part in Lp recording in an orchestral setting. Since then he just went on playing concerts and tours in ten European countries as well as in Japan, Singapore and India.


The foundation of his artistry are his years of study with the renowned Spanish virtuoso L. Martin-Diego as well as masterclasses with M.Barrueco, L.Brouwer, H.Käppel and many others. In his attempt to gain a more holistic understanding of music, he went for years to orchestral rehearsals with Sergiu Celibidache in Munich, studied composition and explored world music for many years.


To date, there are eight CDs published out of which three contains his own compositions.